The Ekera Dental Model

Ekera Dental aims to acquire well-run, profitable and established Dental Practices, where a Practice Principal agrees to maintain their financial interest over an agreed period. Ekera Dental’s partnership model allows Practice Principals to reduce their administrative workload and focus on clinical activities, whilst developing an exit strategy to realise value for their successful practices. Ekera Dental is a fully integrated, multi-specialty dental group, generating cross-referral benefits between the group members, ensuring alignment between Practice Principals and outstanding clinical outcomes for patients.  


We seek to enable team members to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations through supporting the provision of quality, integrated dental services. The team at the helm of Ekera Dental understands that sustained financial success is achieved by identifying the areas in which a business can grow. Our business model also provides infrastructure, clinical and practice management and operational support services to Principals and Associates while providing complete autonomy in the operation of a practice.

Ekera Dental further supports its Group Practices with a highly skilled human resource management, advisory and recruitment team ensuring that our ‘human capital’ is always appropriately cared for and fully integrated. Ekera Dental offers an outsourced Human Resource advisory service and practice recruitment solution to Practice Principals comprising employee transition upon acquisition, employee relations assistance, payroll advice and management, Human Resource guideline documentation, an employee help desk and strategic recruitment service.

The Ekera team also devise and implement key marketing and public awareness strategies, training and educational seminars and offer access to highly cost efficient laboratory services and group insurance policies. Our full service practice support allows dental Practice Principals to focus on clinical activities and to develop an attractive exit strategy. Experience is essential to us, with our team consisting of highly skilled, experienced dentists, dental prosthetists, hygienists and therapists who offer support and training. We believe that this support and access to clinical assistance for Practice Principals ensures that the day to day running of the Practice will continue to grow and remain sustainable.

Our Vision 

“To acquire and develop comprehensive and high performing, patient focused dental practices that deliver superior service to the communities they serve.”